The Advantages of an Expert Sub-Assembly Manufacturer for Your Aerospace Project

In the aerospace manufacturing realm, sub-assembly manufacturing involves the production of individual precision parts or components (called sub-assemblies) which are then combined into a larger assembly. A common example is landing gear assemblies and avionics modules, both of which are built from assembling many different smaller components.

Lots of CNC machine shops and fabricators offer the capability to manufacture sub-assembly parts – with many even advertising that they offer “aerospace levels” of quality. However, there’s a big difference between your run-of-the-mill contract manufacturer and an aerospace sub-assembly specialist like Snowline.

Fully Focused on Aerospace Precision

A key advantage of Snowline’s sub-assembly manufacturing solutions projects is our unrivaled specialization and expertise in the aerospace industry. Beyond general precision manufacturing, we have ample experience producing specific components or subsystems – such as landing gear assemblies, avionics systems, or engine components.

Our specialization in modern aerospace applications has facilitated our deeper expertise in the market. We can tackle even the most complex and advanced contract manufacturing sub-assembly projects with efficient manufacturing processes tailored to your specific products.

The Advantages of Snowline’s Aerospace Sub-Assembly Manufacturing:

Quality, Consistency, and Repeatability

As an AS9100 certified aerospace manufacturer, Snowline’s sub-assembly manufacturing services are backed by stringent quality control processes in place to meet the latest industry standards and regulations. Regardless of component complexity or run size, our team is dedicated to producing high-quality components to your exact specifications to ensure full compatibility with your larger aerospace systems.

Flexibility and Agility

Outsourcing your full sub-assembly project to Snowline allows you to focus your resources and expertise on your core competencies, whether that be in aircraft design, integration, testing, or navigating other avenues of today’s aviation market. We ensure reliable production to establish your ongoing supply chain, while our lean American manufacturing processes promote flexibility in scaling production capacity based on demand fluctuations.

Experience and Innovation

Snowline’s specialization in sub-assembly manufacturing is backed by decades of combined research and development in aerospace fabrication and machining. We continually improve both our products and processes to meet the industry’s ever-evolving standards in precision and quality. In many cases, we can leverage these innovations for your project without requiring you to invest heavily in additional R&D.

Regulatory Compliance

Snowline is an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified aerospace manufacturer. Our facility includes an integrated welding department certified to AWS standards. Our certifications combined with our extremely robust quality control program ensure that we consistently deliver superior quality sub-assembly products to the exacting standards you require.

Precision Aerospace Sub-Assembly Manufacturing Services Since 1966

Established in 1966, Snowline is amongst the nation’s most capable aerospace manufacturers specializing in custom sub-assembly parts and components. Based out of Sacramento, California, we offer unmatched experience and innovation to leading aviation and flight customers throughout the West Coast and beyond.